#ThoughtCatalog: When you have to leave the best things behind.


You have to remember every dreary day that preceded the some of the best days of your life and realize that that’s where you are right now – in the middle of that rainy day when it seems like everything is going wrong. You weren’t at the end of the story back then and you’re not at the end of the story now. Just because the scene in the rearview mirror looks nicer than the scene on the road ahead doesn’t mean you’ll never reach another beautiful destination. It just means you’re not there yet. // thoughtcatalog.com


baguio_1We never really had a solid plan for this year’s holy week. We couldn’t travel outside of the country because most of my family had their passports renewed. But come Maundy Thursday, my mom wakes us up at 6AM and tells us to pack our bags because we’re going up to Baguio.

baguio_4baguio_2Road accidents (including a 10 car pile up on the highway) + a few stop overs, we finally arrived in Baguio past 6pm. After 9 hours on the road, we went straight to one of our fave restaurants in Baguio, Cafe by the Ruins!  Continue reading


Another new season. Another new set of housemates. For the first time since I started working for Pinoy Big Brother (Season 1 original baby!), this is the first time I’ll be doing the regional auditions and ooooh boy! This is going to be so much fun.

#PBB737Auditions in Manila

The PBB Auditions has been part of the the Filipino Culture and for the 10th year, we kicked off the #PBB737 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last March 5 and 6. And as Sir Ricky Lee put it, “We’re so privileged to be in a sea of people with dreams and aspirations.” Each and every single one of the Aspiring Housemates who lined up and camped outside the venue has a story to tell and a dream to achieve. Continue reading

#ProjectFangirl: Gillian Anderson

Since it’s GillianA’s (my fave goofball) birthday, I thought I’d finally blog about my experience during the Emerald City ComiCon. For those who know me, I am a huge fan of the 90’s hit TV show, The X-Files. I was barely in my teens when it first came out and I can still remember watching my very first episode (Squeeze) with my brother and dad. This year marks the 20th Anniversary since the show premiered and to celebrate, Gillian Anderson decided to do rounds at different comicons. ImageImageImage When I first heard she was doing the ECCC in Seattle, I made it my goal to make my 20 year dream happen. Continue reading