#ProjectFangirl: Gillian Anderson

Since it’s GillianA’s (my fave goofball) birthday, I thought I’d finally blog about my experience during the Emerald City ComiCon. For those who know me, I am a huge fan of the 90’s hit TV show, The X-Files. I was barely in my teens when it first came out and I can still remember watching my very first episode (Squeeze) with my brother and dad. This year marks the 20th Anniversary since the show premiered and to celebrate, Gillian Anderson decided to do rounds at different comicons. ImageImageImage When I first heard she was doing the ECCC in Seattle, I made it my goal to make my 20 year dream happen. Looking back, I still can’t believe it happened. Back in high school, when their first movie came out, I begged my mom to take me to LA so I can watch the premiere night. In college, I wrote to Chris Carter/1013 Productions and asked if I could do my internship/OJT with them. They replied saying that they weren’t accepting interns at that time. When I started working, I wanted to fly to London so I can watch GA’s play in the West End. Finally, Seattle. It’s now or never. Everyone thought it was a crazy idea (they still do!). Nobody understood why I had to do this. I mean, c’mon! 20 years of waiting and wanting is a long time. Image Image While purchasing my comicon ticket, I saw a link on the ECCC website on becoming a minion. Honestly, the main reason why I applied was so I can have better access to everything. Never thought I’d actually get the job. Since I have TV production experience, they assigned me to the Audio/Visual Department. Image Image Image Image Before I left, things at work started to fall apart. It was always bad news after another. I was having second thoughts about becoming a minion because of it. I wanted to back out and just forget about everything, but I’m glad I didn’t. Being a department minion was awesome! 8 years of working for television, doing the same things over and over, the ECCC experience was a breath of fresh air. It was exactly what I needed. Image Funny how I never thought of bringing anything for her to sign! That was the one thing I absolutely forgot the do before I left for Seattle. It wasn’t only until my cousin asked me what I was going to have signed when I remembered! Finally, it was THE DAY. My department head gave me friday off so I can, according to him, concentrate on my being a fangirl. On my way to con that morning, my cousin had me rehearse in front of him what I was going to say to her and guess what? I ended up not saying what we practiced! The whole 5-10 minute conversation I had with her was all about my “American” accent. She was curious when I said was from the Philippines because according to her, “You have a perfectly good American accent! Are you sure you didn’t grow up here? Are your parents (American)…” “No. No and no. My first language was English. I went to a private school and we weren’t allowed to speak our native language. At home, it was always just English.” For some reason she still couldn’t get over it. “Did you learn it from television? You must have an American teacher then!” She was really adorable about the whole accent thing, but sadly, I didn’t get to say all things I wanted to say to her. She then thanked me and said that she’s very grateful that I’ve come all the way to Seattle for her. seattle2 seattle3 Day 2 of Con, my department head assigned me assist in the Main Hall. So much awesomeness was happening! Was a technical director and switcher for a few panels that day including Christopher Lloyd’s. When it was time for GA’s, my department head actually reserved a seat for me on the second row so I can watch and enjoy. During my 10 minute break, I had to rush to GA’s booth to have my photo with her signed from the day before. “It’s you again! I still haven’t had the chance to read the book you gave me. It’s in my suitcase.” She asked what she was writing meant and I said, “I love you.” “Oh, wow! And look, you have a heart on your sweater too!” Finally on the last day of the Con, we were given these special wrist bands so if we wanted to see a Celebrity or Artist, we didn’t have to line up. I will forever be grateful to one of the heads of the ECCC, J. I wasn’t able to get a wrist band, so he came with me to GA’s booth and I got a minion discount too! Right when I was going to give my thank you for making this happen, I hope it won’t be another 20 years til I see again speech and had her sign one last photo (Fiasco Magazine shoot) she asked, “You made this?” “Yes!” She stared at it for a good minute before asking, “Overnight?! Wow!” I almost asked her if she wanted to have the photo and just exchange it for the ones she had available for purchase when she finally signed four of what I believe are her fave photos from that shoot. When it was time to go back to work, it was so sweet of her when she thanked me once again for coming all this way when I was supposed to be the one thanking her instead for making my fangirl dream come true. She gave me a big hug and wished me safe travels back home. I still can’t believe that all this happened! Meeting GA was just so surreal. She was everything I expected her to be. I will forever be thankful for those who helped me make this happen. I’m also very grateful that I was chosen to be a department minion for the ECCC. For a first timer at any comicon, I’m glad this is how I got to experience it. Over the past few months since then, I’ve been invited by FlipOn.TV to help with their other events and Cons. If it were only that easy. One thing is for sure, I will be back for the next ECCC on March 2014 regardless if my fave girl will be there or not!


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